Better Have a Backup and a Better Backup on Cloud

Better Have a Backup and a Better Backup on Cloud

The slow and sure explosion in volumes of data is a reality of the times.

IoT, big data and blockchain have facilitated data avalanches a recurring incident and part of the new normal, so much so that they have been ceased to be treated as avalanches. This has also led to the elephantine questions of data availability and protection. The answer is Cloud data storage; thanks to the superior scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness offered by it.

Generally, businesses seek solutions that programmatically arrange for backups across cloud-native services and are also conscious of the backups to be kept safe from hacking.

The case for a data backup strategy assumes paramount importance here.

Designing data protection

Data is backed up so that it could be made available at a later point in time, if necessary. Thus data availability requirements constitute the corner stone of data backup details along with data restore policies that are suitable. And when it is carried out, the entire vista of the data horizon needs to be taken into account or it may lead to critical data being left out of the equation compromising its protection and that of the entire architecture.

A case in point is those of virtual machines. Just backing up only virtual machines may not crack the code for you. Each and every device and system apart from the category of data of all hues residing in those systems and generated on those systems need to be backed up.

In other words, nuances matter; expertise matter.

Cloud backup

When designing a backup ecosystem for data, planning its environment and maintaining of accurate copies of data is no small challenge. And, as systems expand, as the piling up of data accentuates the situation, the task gets more and more challenging, to say the least.

Yes, traditional backup methods cease to be effective and efficient beyond a point. As firms grow and outgrow, cloud storage in itself offers refuge.  Out here, to facilitate cloud-enabled backup solution, it is of supreme importance to reflect and arrive at a decision on the following aspects:

  1. Life cycle of the data
  2. Existing outlay of funds for data protection systems and solutions
  3. Recovery objectives
  4. Resources at disposal
  5. Potential data growth

Service providers such as AWS by virtue of AWS Backup service, provides for solutions that are not only automated but also centralised. It also meets regulatory compliance obligations. Needless to say configuring, managing and governing the backup activities across accounts and resources are quite complex actions that require sublime expertise.

Be it well-defined access management to data, cost leadership in storage, encryption of sensitive data, protection from public access; accidental or other, monitoring of backup failures and backup availability during unfortunate disaster situations; for all these to work in a linear fashion, you need a consultant plus service provider that knows its job. NanoSoft with its enterprise expertise and cause-driven team is well positioned to help you navigate this realm.

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